Huni Kuin, Spirit Invocations of the Rainforest

by Txana Inkakuru Huni Kuin


Recorded live, deep in the Amazon rainforest, in the darkness of the night, during ceremony as we traveled within ourselves aided by the sacred medicines Ayahuasca and Ruma.

These are traditional and modern invocations of the Huni Kuin peoples, sung by Txana Inkakuru Huni Kuin, calling upon the guidance of the spirits of plants, animals, elements…to help us connect with the spirits & ourselves, to heal our minds, bodies & souls and to navigate the powerful energetic current and visions received from the sacred medicines.

50% of profits from this album to Txana Inkakuru Huni Kuin directly.


released February 28, 2014

Produced by: Midori Takata & Herwig Maurer



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